The stages you go through in the first week of January.

Stage one: The optimism, the hope.

You’re walking on a cloud, smiling at children, painting rainbows, baking friendship cookies and riding your unicorn into the sunset. It’s a new year, it’s a new you! The horror of last year has been left behind. Now you can barely even remember getting asked to leave your local nightclub after vomiting on that girl who’s name you don’t know! Nah, it’s all a distant memory because this year is gonna be different. THIS is your year! Think of all the A+s you’ll get! Think of all the new friends you’ll make! Think of how social you’ll be! You’ll finally start reading the books on your bucket list an being more adventurous.

Stage 2: Falling a little behind.

Yesterday you were on top of the world and you thought you’d feel the same today but it’s gotten off to a slower start. You don’t really feel like starting the bucket list today but maybe tomorrow. You’re still full of hope and optimism but first you just need a little rest, besides rest is good for your health anyways!

Stage 3: The dark days.

You haven’t showered in four or so days and you’ve had to get off the sofa a grand total of three times to yell at those bratty kids being loud outside. Your friends keep texting you to come out, those annoying bastards. Pushy as heck. Why even bother having friends? All they do is hassle you and take up emotional energy. Why were you even dumb enough in the first place to make friends? Seems so stupid now. You’ve had eight bowls of cereal already today and your hair looks like it’s masked in vegetable oil. Screw that though, screw hygiene, screw society, screw everything. You don’t have the attention span to read books either! Not when there are back to back episodes of Jerry Springer on.

Stage 4: Full circle.

Next thing you know you’re being asked to leave your local nightclub for vomming on that random girl.



8 thoughts on “The stages you go through in the first week of January.

  1. Oh, Christina, you are hysterical! I feel the “truth” under the smile, for I myself just came through the dark tunnel. Full of optimism, HOPE, yep, NEW YEAR, and then it hits me, ….. cripes another friggin’ year in this messed up word? Today I seem to be able to breathe again, feeling strands of tiny HOPE again. If there is one thing I have learned…..keep the humor, never loose HOPE, and no matter how bad it gets, always always know there is a silver lining in those dark clouds. (smile) I’m a lot older then you, thinking, as I got older, life would slow down, get a little easier. LOL Hang on to your hat for the ride has just begun for you!

    Live each day as though it is your last. Not easy I know. But at least try! (((HUGS))) Amy (PS What I just wrote I am writing on my Blog on one of my pretty flowers. YOU inspired me today! Thank YOU!)

    • This comment genuinely made my week. You are so ridiculously sweet! Thank you so much for your comment. I will try to never lose hope and continue to find humour in things! I will try my best to take on board your wise words! I always regret not living each of my days like they’re my last but I do try! Thanks so much for all of these kind words! You seem like a gal after my own heart. ❤ Thanks for your optimism. I really, appreciated your comment and I smiled all the way through reading it.

      • You in return made MY day, Christina! To know I have touched someone makes my Heart a very happy Heart indeed!

        I have my low moments, don’t get me wrong. Yet, in those moments when I break, something I need to see always comes through. Tough this thing called “seeing” and then to figure out what to do when the “seeing” has been seen. I have a pretty intense article in mind, yet, I am not sure if people would read something so deep and so raw.

        I don’t know. Maybe I’ll write it and not publish it. A lot of people don’t appreciate my candor or my “seeing” abilities. Why? Because they don’t want to see what I know is there.

        Anyways……YOU, young Lady, have a great weekend. Come and visit me anytime over at Petals when you need a lift. (smile) At least I try!

        Love, Amy

  2. Yep. I haven’t shaved in a while, I ate cereal for two of my three meals yesterday, I was let go from my part time job, my car has a new dent in it, and I just saw my brother completely nude because he doesn’t know how to shut his door…. Stage 3 came early this year. At least I still have entertaining blogs to read.

    • Dude, what’s wrong with seeing your bro nude? I don’t get it. He’s only your brother. Or are you the sensitive type? I have 5 brothers and I was always seeing one or more in stages of undress. Yes, during the ugly teenage years we were so embarrassed. I can deal with that. And understand.

      When you hit bottom, there is no where to go but up. LOL Been there a few thousand times in my life! Ya gotta laugh!

  3. I just thought it would stop at some point. It makes me realize that some things will never change, no matter how old I get or how old he gets (he is 25). Its accepting reality that is so difficult for me. Some people — I assume, yourself included — are much better at adjusting to the real world as they grow up. I want to hold onto the idea that I can make the world adjust to me.

    • I am more then twice your age. (HORRORS) Let me let YOU in on a secret. Don’t compromise, BE you, but the more you think you are going to make the world adjust to you, the more miserable you shall be. SAD BUT TRUE. Work on knowing this world for what it is, and do your best TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!! I am doing just that! And I don’t give a damn who thinks what of me. Nice to feel that way about yourself!

      Come and see me over at Petals Unfolding. (See my gravatar) Christina comes to see me, heck she is one of my followers and she is really glad about it. You’ll learn a thing or two and you I promise, will feel better about you. AND I truly will make you THINK. I am NOT a sheeple (One who follows without thought in head), say Truth, and I don’t take shit from anyone! Learned just how, and I do pass my Wisdom on at my blog.

      Just sayin’. I have lots of awesome photos, mostly of flowers, which you probably wouldn’t be interested in. Yet, it is what is written that is important. (((HUGS)))

    • I am an only child guys, so I can’t relate to this because to me, that just sounds horrifying. Shut yo’ door brotha! Haha. Perhaps you can make the world adjust to you, it’d probably just take longer?

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